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Exporthub – The Online B2B Marketplace

Exporthub is dedicated to making international trading more comfortable than ever. Our team of experts is keen to provide all global buyers and suppliers with tools to help them succeed in their particular industry. Our range of services allows suppliers to connect with buyers worldwide for their products. As a B2B trade portal, we provide a B2B platform that lets all American, Indian, African and Chinese B2B site to enhance their network and connect with businesses across their borders.

We deal in limitless industries and categories bringing you millions of products including apparel, industrial machinery, gadgets, electronics, chemicals, construction materials and much more. All listed under a user-friendly B2B portal making it convenient and hassle-free for you to find out any brand or product that you are looking for. Connect with international buyers and suppliers from Hong Kong, China, India, Russia and Australia.

ExportHub – B2B Premium Services

Our ranging services are designed to provide variations that can perfectly comply with your diverse needs. Suppliers and manufacturers can choose from standard, gold, VIP and digital package, all grounded on one underlying theme – attract and gear buyers towards your business.

What sets ExportHub apart from conventional foreign B2B marketplaces is the way in which maximum value is given to suppliers in return for their investment.

Some core features of all premium services include:

  • Genuine buyers with authentic data.
  • Active buyers and suppliers from all major regions.
  • Assistance from Account Managers to connect with Buyers
  • Updates from potential buyers, thanks to SAM (Standard Account manager).
  • A significant boost in number of buyers for maximum ROI.

In addition to operating as a B2B ecommerce platform for buyers and suppliers, ExportHub aids in raising brand awareness with premium digital marketing services with their team of highly qualified digital marketing experts.

Digital marketing services and a B2B ecommerce platform are the most basic offerings from any B2B brand. However, what matters most is the quality of service and the capability to keep up with the commitments. In addition to the efficiency of the service other unique features that fall under the prospect’s interest matter the most.

Collectively Our Digital Package Offers:

  • Proven targeting strategies that turn out effective within the estimated timeline.
  • Maximum exposure to the products and best in class product showcase practices.
  • Consistent product postings for traffic and engagement.
  • Assistance from SAM round the clock.
  • Brand Awareness and desired search engine rankings.

Interesting Factors

With a basic service package for suppliers what captured the eye of most prospects is the pride that ExportHub takes in its services that can be determined by other added features like:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Ensured Safety and Effectiveness
  • 100% Guaranteed Buyer Acquisition
  • Guaranteed orders on VIP Package

To ensure a reliable and scam-free service, we strictly adhere to our policies associated with safe trading. Our customers will witness fair dealing on both ends, thanks to our supplier verification program. We look after all our clients, even if they have little or no knowledge by providing them with ease to connect with our business consultants and friendly customer support staff that can provide them with tons of valuable information.

Get in Touch Today!

To reach us for queries or suggestions you can email us at round the clock on contactus@exporthub.com. Or, dial +1-866-978-0288 to have a quick chat about how you can connect with top Chinese Suppliers and become a well-known international wholesale business-to-business website.